​After using this travel bundle, you will be able to confidently navigate...

  • Planning and packing so you're always prepared.

  • Travel days (by car or plane!)

  • Jet lag and time changes east to west or west to east! 

  • Naps on the go​ so you're not tethered to your hotel room. 

  • Setting up the perfect environment away from home to maximize sleep.



    And more!!



We're Katelyn and Ashley. We are moms and certified child sleep consultants with a combined 8 years experience, helping hundreds of families get the sleep they need.

Formerly exhausted parents ourselves, we've found our passion in helping hundreds of families to be happier and healthier getting the rest they need. Just like birth, feeding, and many other things that come with parenting, sometimes sleep doesn't come as "naturally" as we first expect! With a little guidance and strategy, we believe that all families can get the rest they need. We firmly believe that well-rested families are healthier, happier, and  have more secure bonds. 


Your travel and sleep bundle includes...

  • A travel and sleep guide that helps you address all the factors affecting sleep while you're traveling- planning, packing, travel days, jet lag, setting up at your destination, and more!

  • A 30-minute video coaching with Ashley and Katelyn on how to successfully keep sleep on track while on vacation.

  • A packing list so you don't forget the essentials during your time away from home!

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Let's get sleep on track for your family!

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