Ready to night wean in a way that works for you and your little?


​After using this night weaning bundle, you will be able to confidently...

  • Understand what conscious night weaning is, ​and be able to discern if you're ready for it.

  • Know your baby's feeding needs and identify when night weaning can be age-appropriate.

  • Prep for night weaning if you're ready.

  • Learn different approaches for night weaning- yes, you can go cold turkey! But there are many other more gradual approaches that may be a good fit too! 

  • Set expectations for how long night weaning may take​ and what the process may look like.



    And more!!



We're Katelyn and Ashley. We are moms and certified child sleep consultants with a combined 8 years experience, helping hundreds of families get the sleep they need.

Formerly exhausted parents ourselves, we've found our passion in helping hundreds of families to be happier and healthier getting the rest they need. Just like birth, feeding, and many other things that come with parenting, sometimes sleep doesn't come as "naturally" as we first expect! With a little guidance and strategy, we believe that all families can get the rest they need. We firmly believe that well-rested families are healthier, happier, and  have more secure bonds. 


Your Conscious Night Weaning Bundle Includes...

  • A 25-minute captioned video coaching on all things night weaning, including how to know if you're ready, prepping for night weaning, and different strategies to go about night weaning, from the quickest to the most gradual and gentle.

  • A Night Weaning PDF guide for quick reference on considerations and strategies.

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Will I have personal access to sleep consultants?

Does my child need to be sleep trained to use these resources?

Night weaning tends to go much more smoothly if your baby has the skill of falling asleep independently. For this reason, we do recommend sleep training prior to night weaning. However, some of the strategies in this bundle can be helpful for all babies regardless of sleep training!

How long will I have access to this bundle?


Let's get sleep on track for your family!

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